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Tips to plan the website server effectively

Planning to build a website but confused about where to start?

You may have a business and don’t have a website, and you are losing out on great opportunities for your business. With the advancement in technology, most of the people are exposed to the internet. Gradually they are learning to utilize the Internet for their daily requirements. A website can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help your business grow. Therefore, websites take a front seat reaching out to the millions of people looking for your kind of services online. A responsive website will surely help you to reach your target market if used properly and it is important that you take the right planning and research when deciding on your infrastructure.

Identify Your Needs and know what to be Implemented
  • One of the most important things to decide while choosing the hosting solution is to choose one that can accommodate the needs of your website.
  • Identify your hosting needs
  • Identify whether you need support for scripts or Windows applications and other special software
Determine Your Options When any Unforeseen Happens

You should be able to clarify with your service provider as what are the other services they provide you when it comes to unforeseeable situations such as slowdown and malicious attempts to access your account.

  • Identify how small or large your web traffic volume can go. Sometimes, costs and features vary depending on the bulk of traffic you want your website to be able to support.
  • Nothing is more important than having a web host that operates 24/7, as after all visitors can come from anywhere in the world.
Always Look for Tiered Pricing to Ensure Room to Grow

The major requirement for finding a good web host is to be flexibility and scalability. Your business might be a solo venture at this point but bear in mind the possibility of future expansion. Does the web host offer a flat fee for a limited number of features or will you be able to expand your website in the future while paying only for what you need? Familiarize yourself with the payment scheme and make sure the growth your site will be able to keep up with the growth of your business.


Always have this question in your mind Does your web host provide redundancy, content delivery network, or have multiple datacentre locations on several continents? If the power goes out in your web host's region, do you still want your website to be available to the world? If your server goes out, is there a copy elsewhere? If you are planning to have eyeballs on your website from all over the world, or require high availability, these are important considerations.

Enhanced Security

Ensure that your host specializes in custom firewalls for your CMS if you are using one, and updates web server scripts and systems regularly. If you are looking for advanced security, you might consider a VPS or dedicated server vs a shared server. You will not be affected by threats against other websites on a shared hosting platform. A unique IP address might also be another option. This will prevent the conflict that often occurs on a shared system where other users are blacklisted for any reason.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Virtual Private Server acts as a halfway point between shared hosting services and has a dedicated server which is the third type of hosting service. With the virtual private server, you still share the server with other customers however, the server is divided into virtual machines which act as independent dedicated servers.

Flexibility and Scalability

The greatest thing about VPS hosting is you only select and pay for the resources you need. It can quickly and easily be scaled down or up as you go, without any downtime. It can be completely customized & tailored. If necessary, you can easily add or decrease, RAM, disk space or vCPUs.

Cost-Effective Solution
  • As technology improves, the cost of hosting on VPS has come down significantly.
  • What was previously only viable for big business is now an affordable option even for small business. As stated earlier, you only need to pay for those resources you require at the outset and upscale resources as you grow. So, you get the many benefits of private hosting for a reasonable monthly cost.

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    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is considered as a part of TCP/IP protocol (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) which moves your email across networks to the right email inbox and computer. SMTP uses the store and forward process with the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to move the emails across networks.
  • We will describe on how two networks works by exchanging the emails between the servers through SMTP process. For instance, Let us see the SMTP process that goes on if UserA sends an email from his server ( to UserB’s email server ( Consider UserA using Hotmail as his email server and UserB using Yahoo mail server.
  • UserA’s email server (Hotmail) pushes the email to the destination UserB’s email server (Yahoo). The Hotmail email server starts communicating with the yahoo mail server for the mail deliver to happen. This is where the SMTP protocol comes up which governs the communication between the two mail servers (Hotmail email server and yahoo email server).
  • The SMTP protocol checking between the servers happens and then the Hotmail email server confirms the destination email address with the yahoo mail server for sending the email from UserA to UserB. After the confirmation, the Hotmail email server sends the email to the destination email address in the yahoo mail server.
  • SMTP Protocol: The Above SMTP protocol checking between the email servers is briefly explained below assuming that everything goes fine without any failure:
    • The Hotmail server sends EHLO message to the yahoo server. The EHLO message is nothing but the greeting between the two servers. The yahoo server too sends the acknowledgement to the Hotmail server.
    • After receiving the acknowledgement, the Hotmail server sends the destination address for confirmation. The receiving server (yahoo server) receives the message and sends acknowledgement after confirming the destination address.
    • The Hotmail server then sends a message that it is going to send the email data after the destination address confirmation with the yahoo server.
    • Once again after acknowledgement, the Hotmail server sends the email data to the yahoo server.
    • The yahoo server will send an acknowledgement after receiving the full message and then both the servers will terminate the session.
  • The Internet service providers have a limit on the number of emails that can be sent over a certain amount of time. The limit is mostly set on the number of email sent per hour or per day. Each ISP relies on its SMTP to determine and govern the email that can be sent out by one connection. For some people who work at home or manage large mailing lists, that could be a problem. After they hit their limit, the ISP will simply stop sending emails. If the ISP thinks you're a spammer, they might even shut down your account.

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  • An App or an application can be one of the following: a computer software package installed on a computer, the app which we use on our mobile, the web service we use through web browser, the game we play on our tablet, etc. There are applications that are developed specifically for web, mobile devices, for smartwatches, etc. Applications are of many ways like how they are built, on which platform they run, whether they are opensource or under proprietorship. A mobile application developer can develop the app as a native app, web app or even as a hybrid app.

  • Native app
  • A native application or native app is an application that is coded and developed specifically for one platform. For example, Objective C for IOS or Java for Android operation systems, etc. A native app is actually built for using on a particular device and its OS (Operating System). The native app has the ability to use specific hardware or software on the installed device such as the camera app, address book, etc. Even most video games for mobile devices are considered as native mobile apps. Native apps are downloaded through apple store for IOS devices and play store (google) for android devices. Some native apps are downloaded through the internet too. Native mobile apps have the advantage of being faster and efficient but need to update. Apple native mobile apps are built using either Objective-C or Swift and XCode IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Android native apps are written in Java and built using android studio or eclipse IDE. Native app examples are Google Maps, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

  • Web app
  • A web app utilizes web browsers and web technology to perform tasks over the internet. Web apps are accessed through the internet and they adapt to whichever devices the user is viewing them on. Web apps need an active internet connection in order to run. Web apps are build using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript. They are fast and simple to build but are not as versatile and quick as native apps. Web apps update themselves and not like native apps which is updated regularly.

  • Hybrid app
  • Hybrid applications combines both elements of web applications and native applications. Hybrid apps can function whether or not the device is connected to internet. Hybrid apps are mostly integrated with device’s file system and with web-based services. Some of the hybrid apps examples are Microsoft word, banking apps, media apps, etc. Hybrid app are also built like the web app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Hybrid app is reliant on the web view and not the mobile browser. The choice to build an app (native or hybrid or web) depends on various factors like business needs, application requirements, the skill of the developer and the deadline to build the app. So each type of app offers different experience and its important to know all the advantage and disadvantages of them before starting to develop the app.

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